A collection of favorite sayings compiled by former John Bailey students
Nicole (Kopetsky) Parker and Ronda Ford

  1. “Once is an oopsie, twice is a mark!”
  2. “Hold your head high and say ‘No it does not come back’.”
  3. “Live in the low, visit the high.”
  4. “Beauty of sound is number one, be gorgeous all of the time, forever and ever, amen.”
  5. “Don’t rip your tutu.”
  6. “Cool your jets.”
  7. “Be sexy.”
  8. “Know it so well that you can’t possibly screw up.”
  9. “Subdivision saves lives!”
  10. “What did I do? Was it something I said?”
  11. “Be a diva!”
  12. Student: “I don’t like tritones.” Dr. B.: “That’s nice.”
  13. “Keep thy head still.”
  14. “Put the helicopter down.”
  15. “C is a real note.”
  16. “Drag the ocean floor for the fortissimo.”
  17. “If one teaspoon of salt is good, four is not necessarily better.”
  18. “I like that in a flute player!”
  19. “Sing your heart out!”
  20. “You wimp! Come on!”
  21. “It just sat there like an undergrad.”
  22. “You gotta let it all hang out – the school-girl version is not what we want here.”
  23. “All music is not created equal.”
  24. “It’s like you need to gain 20 pounds. You can have 20 of mine!”
  25. “If you can’t control the car at 60, go 55.”
  26. “That really separates the women from the girls.”
  27. “That’s how you want to live your life.”
  28. “SING OUT LOUISE!!!”
  29. “You need tomatos, not raisins.”
  30. “Concentrate and be pretty.”
  31. “Be ever-vigilant.”
  32. “Espresivo, oh baby!”
  33. “Shape it how it needs to go.”
  34. “I’m gonna push you outta the nest and you’re gonna fly.”
  35. “You’re not marking it for the ages – that’s why you do it in pencil.”
  36. “Use the sock method.”
  37. “Wear your heart on your sleeve.”
  38. “It’s like I’m building a house of cards. Oops, there it went again!”
  39. “It’s a science fiction movie: Crescendo to Nowhere!”
  40. “Ooey gooey.”
  41. “You gotta get your brain screwed on really well for this!”
  42. “That was a unified organic musical whole – now learn the first measure!”
  43. “Kissy, kissy.”
  44. “There are no notes, there are only patterns.”
  45. “It’s good for what ails you.”
  46. “I like that in a buddy.”
  47. “You’re a big girl now!”
  48. “It’s like you don’t know how to play the flute – I know you know!”
  49. “Otherwise it sounds like a sewing machine.”
  50. “An eighth note is equal to two sixteenth notes in my book.”
  51. “If you just play what the flute does, you’ll be hideously out of tune.”
  52. “You know what to work on.”
  53. “That’ll be $50 please.”
  54. “Use your rabbit muscle!”
  55. “Of the people, by the people, for the people.”
  56. “Once, twice, three times a lady!”
  57. “Big dog, little dog”
  58. “You change the universe every time you move your head!”

Are you a current or former student of John Bailey? Add your “Bailey-ism” in the comments below! After review they will be added to the ever-growing list.

3 Responses to “Bailey-isms!”

  1. Leah Ross says:

    “Go and sin no more!”

  2. Sasha Schneider says:

    Hi! I’m currently a student of Dr.Bailey’s. One of my favorite quotes is,
    “I will always save you from the abyss of bad taste.”

  3. Emily Donnell says:

    “You look like you’re doing the hula!”
    “Say it with me! Lips forward, smaller hole!”

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